Have you ever hestitated if you should learn typewriting or play a game?

This game combines the fun of a learning game with the usefulness of a casual game.

The game was made in less than 48 hours for the Ludum Dare #41 Compo.

This is a Commodore 64 game. Yes, you read it correctly, an actual game for this machine from 1982. For your convenience, you can play this game in browser using Rjanicek’s Versatile Commodore Emulator for JavaScript under GPL V2. But if you have the hardware and the time, you can also fire up your C64, the game should run there without problems (at least for the PAL version).

I used SpritePad, CharPadand Goattracker2to draw sprites, graphics and compose the music. The music sounds much better if you download the game and run it in a locally installed C64 emulator like VICE (or on a real C64). Other than that the web version should do fine.

The game is written in C and 6502 assembler. All code and assets were made during the compo. The web version contains a small bugfix on the music player.

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Tags8-Bit, Commodore 64, Flappy Bird, Ludum Dare 41
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