This is a simulation game made for Open Jam where you are a sailor who can visit a number of cities for trading and talking with the governor. Try to influence the system as gravely as possible. After 13 simulated years (or less than 3 minutes) you will see how well you did!

Map generated with the open source Polygon Map Generator  from Red Blob Games

City Icon elements are from Nicu's Clipart Collection

Painted images are from Wikimedia Commons, under Public Domain

Atmosphere sound "Roman Audience Chamber", "Dockside Warehouse","Pirate or medieval tavern","A sailing ship on a stormy day" from under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License. Ship Bells by Benboncan from under CC_BY 3.0.

Pen Text Engine from @djpro: from

In this game, cities can employ slavery, which has an effect on poverty and economics. I am strictly against slavery.

This game was developed with Scratch and is published under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-3.0. Go to to see the project on Scratch and get the source code.