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This is just a bad dream, or is it more? Escape from it!


Game is first person view. Cursor keys to turn and move.
Hint: not all people you will meet are hostile, go to the little girl and she will help you. Avoid Zombies! If you got the key, it's blinking faster if you approach the door.


Music "Dark Forest 100BPM" by Soulperium and "Liberation" (shortened) by The Gadget (downloaded at Jamendo under Creative Commons license). Sounds based on "oof", "zombie-2", "walk-autumn-leaves", "sz-zombies-02", "digitaldominic_scream" from Freesound.org under Creative Commons license. Key image based on a photo from Wikipedia under Creative Commons. Font "CSNPWDT NFI" by Thomas W.Otto from 1001fonts.com (categorie free horror fonts). This game was made with Scratch 2.0. Sourcecode of Nightmare! is available under a CC-BY-SA license.

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Published2 years ago
TagsHorror, Zombies
Player countSingleplayer