Alice - Escape from Wonderland is a game where you control Alice through a part of Wonderland trying to find things that help you escape. The game is a "Walk-and-Click" adventure.

You can use WASD or a joystick to walk around. The cursor keys are used to move the inventory carousel (once you have multiple items there). The keys T,U,O,P,M,G,L are for selecting an interaction with objects, Return confirms it.

When the game is loaded, click on the Space button to make the emulator in the browser focus on your input. After that use any keyboard keys.

The game has been developed for the Commodore 64 platform and presented on an Ultimate 64 system. If you don't own a C64, you can also play it via emulator in the browser. Or, even better, get yourself an old Commodore C64 or a new Ultimate 64!

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Authorsfrodewin, ComSha, w_o_z, Logiker
TagsCommodore 64


Alice - Escape from Wonderland - Full Version.d64 170 kB
Alice - Escape from Wonderland - Gamejam 11 kB

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