Aurora's Quest

Control princess Aurora with cursor keys, press 't'or click other persons to talk to them. Use 'i' to toggle the inventory view.

This game is a 2D RPG designed as a platformer. You can explore a castle and talk to people. It is a story-based game, but with an open world to explore.

Kevin MacLeod's "Teller of the Tales" CC-BY 3.0
Stefano Giardinieri's "The Knight Of The Princess" (jamendo, CC-BY-SA)
Dragon Bite Sound from (Public Domain)
Maniacal Witches Laugh from (CC-BY)
Powder Image is from (CC-BY 3.0)
Wizard is based on "old, man, king, wizard, wise, healer" at pd4pic (public domain)
Cordelia and witch character in the final picture are a modfied
drawing from @pikishanti on Scratch
Pergament image from Tim Jones (Wikipedia CC-BY-2.0)
Several graphics are based on designs from clker is hard to pronounce, but otherwise an awesome site!

HTML5 version powered by sulfurous player.
SWF version made with with Junebeetle's Online Converter.

This game was developed with Scratch and is published under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-3.0. Go to to see the project on Scratch and get the source code.


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