We have exciting news!
We are working on a new improved version of Babylon's Ark.

Stay tuned! Until then you can play the preview version in the browser, but the final game will be muuuuuuch better :-)

The last humans have fled earth and live now in a big generation space ship. It is a big ship on a long journey, so eventually some components fail that the robot mechanics can't fix. Now it is your turn, cadet Samuel Fox, to solve the problems and to talk to the inhabitants of the ship which are... a rather unusal combination of people.

Are you up to the job?


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Hello Roman, 

I would like to talk about your game Babylon's Ark in my youtube channel: Commodore 64 Mania for the news! For that I would like to ask you some small questions about the development of the game!

I'm contacting you through your game's itch.io page because I couldn't find any other way to contact you, sorry about that! ;)

Would you be so kind as to contact me on my email address outrun69@gmail.com so that I can send you some questions? thanks to you !! :)


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Hello Olivier. First of all, thanks a lot for your interest in our little space adventure game. We saw your comment at the time and frodewin, the creator of this itch.io page and coder of the game, tried to contact you by the mail address you provided. Maybe you did not expect someone else but me replying? Sorry that we missed the opportunity to give you more information about the full version we are currently working on. Let us know, in case you still would like to get your questions covered.

I love the graphics and sound, really nicely done. What is weird is that you can talk to so many people about things you haven’t heard of. I don’t understand why some doors are one-way.

Thank you. And yes, unfortunately the dialog conditions are not yet working as intended. The current download is a state we had after the 48h Game Jam and there was not enough time to play-test and fix. This will be addressed in the final version, so stay tuned :)

Fun little adventure game.
Excellent art & writing.
Great job!


Thank you for this nice comment. We are working on a more polished version right now. With updated graphics,  music & sound. I think it's on a good way.