Fay is just a normal girl who lives in a bunker and is tinkering with robot chickens. One day, some robot chickens go crazy and escape! Fay needs to find and repair them all before they explode!

Control the player with cursor keys. This is a platformer, so you should be familiar with the gameplay :-)

This game was made for Mini Ludum Dare 74. The topic was cooperation, so this game was developed together with @johannajaniszewski in a back and forth interaction, every day there was a small change made by one of us and then send to the other. The result is this game.

This game would not have been possible without the help of many others. First we would like to thank the MIT Lifelong Kindergarten Group for making Scratch, the platform we used to make the game. The Fay figure was invented and drawn by Bubble103@Scratch and released under CC-BY-SA 3.0.
The tileset for the background graphics is based on mfburn@opengameart https://opengameart.org/content/grunge-tileset released under CC-BY-3.0.
The soundtrack is from Quiet Music for Tiny Robots, The February Album, Interlude 1, 2 and 4 released under CC-BY-4.0.

To enable future cooperation, this game and its assets are released under CC-BY-SA 3.0.


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Very nice work, I definitely need to go through and check out more of your stuff.

Thanks for making this game with me! It was super fun! :) It's cool to see how "my" chicken is used in different situations.

Same from my side, was really cool making this game together!

Greets. I just joined Itch.io but have been a Scratcher for 8 years. I am Locomule there too. Hit me up some time, I'm going to be very busy around here.