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You are just another opponent in a side-scroller shoot-em up game, but you got too much A.I. and you became a sentient watermelon.
Make your way past the heros to find out what is before Level 1. Therefore you go backwards through the level from right to left.

Good luck!


Left arrow key to go left
Right arrow key to go left
Down arrow key to accelerate melon downwards (depending if you are moving up or down this decreases or increases your jumps)

Thanks to
@GreenIeaf's "Arrow in the Log" for the archer and the arrow. Sounds from freesound.org under CC-BY 3.0 license: EverHeat's arrow shooting sounds, Gelo_papas' filth squash, and ArtOrDie "Scream - Ugh.wav". "Liberation" (shortened) from The Gadget (at Jamendo under Creative Commons license). Title text was created with cooltext.com

Converted to SWF with Junebeetle's Online Converter.

This game was developed with Scratch and is published under a Creative Commons license CC-BY-3.0. Go to https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/147726143/ to see the project there and get the code.


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