Survival Messenger Adventure

You are stranded on an unknown island and you find a mobile phone where strangers, who are more or less attentive, give you advice via instant chat. 

The game is an interactive fiction game for the Commodore 64. It also runs well on an emulator, for example on the VICE emulator, which is available for several systems.

The game contains more than 50 hand-pixeled graphics and game music matching the scenery. It comes with a fastloader that works in the emulator, but also supports supporting VC 1541, Ultimate, and SD2IEC on real hardware.

The game is non-linear and you can end your time on the island using multiple different solutions. There are at least 3 solutions

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsCommodore 64, Pixel Art, text-adventure


survival_messenger_adventure.d64 170 kB

Install instructions

You can play the game in the browser above. The browser runs a full-fledged C64 and disk drive emulator. You might need to click into the game area to type game commands.
Hower, we recommend to play the game on an offline emulator or a real C64. For this, download the d64 file and save it on your system. A d64 is a container for a disk, this disk contains the game program, all images, a program for viewing the instructions. If you want to run it in emulator, pull the .d64 file upon your favorite C64 emulator, this usually loads the first file and runs it.

If you want to run it on original hardware, we guess you know what to do, but usually you copy the .d64 file to an SD-card which is read by an Ultimate64 or SD2IEC device. After mounting the disk, you can do the classic LOAD"*",8,1 thing.

You should also check the directory with LOAD"$",8 and LIST to check out the beautiful Directory Art.

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